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06/02/2017: February, a time for love, pancakes and clearing weeds

February is the month to celebrate pancakes and love, but while you are not being romantic or eating pancakes you can take a look at our tree surgery and estate/grounds maintenance

Many of our customers are local authorities, farms, land owners, equestrian centres and park managers throughout the South Wales and Gloucestershire area.

This February many of those customers will be coming to us because of our qualified staff and our high professional standards Many of them will ask us to offer a quotation for their paddock and grasslands management, weed control, fencing and tree surgery needs. Many of the most pestilential weeds will be at their most vulnerable, so it is a great time to take action before they burst into new growth with the spring.

February also marks the start of the bird nesting season here in Britain, so while it is possible to deal with tree work, a thorough survey for nesting birds must be carried out by a competent person before any tree or hedge work can be carried out. If in doubt, call us.

If you would like to have the best value out of your open spaces for the ones you love this February, call Brooke Estate Management on 01600 730857

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