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08/07/2013: Bracken Control-Don't miss the time limited deadline

Brooke Estate Management Ltd is pleased to announce that DEFRA has secured an Emergency authorisation of the banned herbicide Asulam, the proven herbicide of choice for the control of Bracken. However there is only a limited timeframe within which this can be used. Between now and the end of October 2013 Asulam may be used to control the growth and spread of Bracken which has been significant since the original ban of Asulam.

Brooke Estate Management Ltd is now taking orders from landowners and home owners alike for us to apply Aulam to your Bracken. Using either knapsack or ATV mounted spraying systems capable of treating in difficult terrain areas or field margins with a hand lance and 4 metre boom combination. The last date we can accept orders is 15th September 2013, as after this date no new supplies of Asulam will be sold.

Call or email us now to arrange your quotation and to secure your booking.

Brooke Estate Management Ltd can also work with you to control all other commonly encountered weed problems in the UK. We only use BASIS registered advisers to ensure we provide the best solution for your needs and the environment.

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