Image: 66 - An October Breeze Brings Peace of Mind Outdoors

October is with us and soon it will be getting colder. Lets make the most of the warmth, long days and shorter nights before it starts going away. If you are looking for the best way to tidy the autumn leaves away to avoid the slippery pavements, now is the time to get in touch.

While clearing leafy lanes is one way to make our customers smile, you'll notice from our website that our experience and knowledge in estate management far exceeds that. From assisting customers with tree surgery to weed control, you can even hire our equipment (with an experienced operator) on a daily basis for those hard to reach places and heights.

So, while we are spiralling towards the colder seasons, you need not think that your grounds, garden or livery yard may fall into disrepair. Just a quick call for advice on your next step is all is takes. You'll receive a friendly, helpful and professional response.

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